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First Time Apartment Renter?

Are you not quite sure what to do, where to go, or what to expect?  Well don’t worry first time renter, our seasoned Dallas apartment locators are here to help you with this handy guide.  Not to mention our DFW apartment locators are also available by phone, text, or email to help you find that perfect first apartment.

What you will need for your first apartment

  1. First things first.  Money.  Most apartments in Dallas and the surrounding areas require at least 3x the base rent in gross income.
  2. You’ll need a copy of your last two pay stubs, or, a copy of your offer letter from your future employer.  If you are self employed, you’ll need your deposit bank statement for at least the last 3 months.
  3. Credit score of about 550, unless that is you have a cosigner or guarantor.  Your co-signer or guarantor needs to make about 5 times the rent in gross income and have excellent credit.
  4. Drivers license or  government issued ID.  There are no exceptions here.

Where to look for your first apartment

  1. Well the obvious choice here is to contact our Dallas apartment locators for assistance.  Our apartment locators know which apartments accept first time renters.  Plus you’ll get a rent rebate.
  2. Many of the low to mid priced apartments will accept first time renters.  Some luxury apartments will also accept first time apartment renters.  When not using one of our apartment locators it will be a matter of calling and asking.  For the most part, the higher priced properties set their rental requirements to discourage first time renters.  i.e. substantially increased deposit.

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How to determine which is the best first apartment

  1. Stay within your budget
  2. Is the leasing staff friendly and accommodating
  3. Are the grounds well maintained
  4. Do they have the amenities and features you need? i.e. washer and dryer included, dog park, covered parking
  5. Do you feel at home or does the prospect of living there excite you
  6. Living closer to work will save fuel and time, but might not be in the hip cool areas of Dallas For Worth.  Again, take your budget into consideration, no need to overspend and get yourself in financial trouble early in life.

Setting up utilities

  1. We now offer a free utility concierge to help you setup utilities!  In some cases you can choose your own electric provider.  Don’t get suckered in by free nights/weekends.  Study the rates carefully.
  2. Schedule your internet provider installation in advance so that you don’t have to wait a week for an install.  Slots fill up fast, especially in the summer.

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When you move in to your first apartment

  1. Take photos of the apartment
  2. Inspect everything, lights, switches, floors, cabinets, windows, blinds, etc.  Complete and return the move in condition form within 48 hours.  Request anything that needs to be fixed be fixed at this time
  3. Enjoy!

When you move out of your first apartment

  1. Clean carpets unless otherwise told not to by management
  2. Clean all cabinets
  3. Ensure sinks and tubs are clean
  4. Clean oven/microwave/fridge
  5. Sweep all floors
  6. Take photos
  7. Request a walk through with a property representative so that you can address any issues
  8. You still might not get your deposit back (some apartments charge a mandatory cleaning fee) but you shouldn’t be billed for anything more unless you’ve damaged a door, wall, etc.


Being a first time apartment renter can be scary, but fear not.  Our Dallas apartment locators are happy to help you and will provide you a listing of apartments that will fit with your needs and means.  Text or call us at 469-307-8218.

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