Apartments That Allow Huskies

apartments that accept husky

Frustrated Searching For Apartments That Allow Huskies? 

Stop searching and let the experts at DFW Apartment Nerdz help you out.

Our apartment locators love dogs of all breeds.  We have spent numerous hours putting together an extensive list of apartments that accept huskies.  In fact, DFW Apartment Nerdz is the only apartment locator in Dallas who is willing to go the extra mile to find apartments for huskies.

How To Find Apartments That Accept Huskies

As your personal apartment finder, we can help you with true no breed restriction apartments and apartments that have fewer breed restrictions who will welcome your husky with open arms.

Now we should say there are sometimes when the area you desire won’t have an apartment within your price range that will accept a husky.  However there will be apartments who accept huskies close by.  Generally speaking, one bedrooms apartments will start close to $1000/mo and two bedroom apartments close to $1300/mo.  You pet deposit and pet fee could range from $250 to $500.  Usually a portion of that is refundable.

If you’re moving in the next 60 days and need help finding apartments who allow huskies, give as a call at 469-307-8218 or register online for your no cost apartment locator search.

Let’s Find You Apartments Accepting Huskies

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