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Corporate Apartments in DFW

downtown dallas apartmentsNeeding to lease several apartments in Dallas for your company?  We can help with that!

Apartments leased in the name of a company in DFW are quite common and can be an affordable option to hotels.  In fact we have several clients who have elected to provide apartments to their employees who work in DFW more than two weeks a month.

Our corporate apartment leases require a minimum of 6 months and can go up to 24 months.

Apartments can be unfurnished or furnished.  If you are in need of a furnished corporate apartment we can assist with furniture rental which is through a third party.  On occasion one of our partners will have a fully furnished all inclusive apartment on site, however those are in short supply.

We will also assist with utility connections and ensure the apartments are ready for your employee’s arrival.

About Leasing Corporate Apartments

Plano ApartmentsCorporate apartment leasing is perfect for construction workers, insurance adjusters, and temporary work assignments.

When leasing apartments for businesses in DFW there are a few methods that can be used. 

If occupied by one or two persons for an extended time the simplest method is to have the occupant complete the community background screen.  If multiple occupants will be in and out of the unit we will need to help you setup an agreement with the management company.  The agreement allows you to be responsible for background checks (which you probably already do).  This will save you money and time in the long run.

Often when leasing several apartments at the same community we can get you a better deal.

Call Chad today at 469-307-8218 to discuss your needs.  Our apartment locator will be happy to help find your employees a great place to live that makes sense to your corporate budget.

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