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Dallas Broken Leases

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Our Dallas Broken Leases Apartment Locators can help you

If you are looking for Dallas broken leases apartments then stop looking.  We can help find you Dallas broken lease apartments. Our Dallas broken leases apartment locators will do everything we can to match you with the right apartments accepting broken leases.

Our Dallas Broken Leases Locator Service is FREE!

We’ve helped many people just like yourself find Dallas broken lease apartments.  You may need to be flexible in the area that you would like to live in as well as pricing. Being on a payment plan is a huge plus. Dallas Broken Leases under 2 years of age that are not paid off have a small chance of approval, therefore we can only work with broken leases that are over 2 years old or that are paid off.

Our Dallas Broken Lease Apartment Locator services are free for listing us as the referral source on the application and for simply reporting your lease back to us you will qualify for our rebate program.

What To Expect

  • Additional deposits up to 2 months rent may be required
  • Fewer options available with property debt over $1500
  • Paid off or broken leases on payment plans have the most options
  • We will recommend up to 6 apartment communities, more if debt is paid
  • We will confirm availability on 2 recommended communities of your choice
  • Approval is not guaranteed, but you will be given the best opportunities

Sorry, But We Can NOT Assist With

  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors other than DUI/Bad Checks
  • Broken leases under 2 years old
  • More than 1 broken lease
  • Property debt over $2500
  • Evictions
  • Open bankruptcies

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Minimum Rents: 1 bed - $850, 2 bed $1100, 3 bed $1300

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