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Our Dallas bankruptcy apartments locators are here to help you find awesome DFW apartments who will work with discharged bankruptcies.   

Unfortunately apartment owners are unwilling to lease an apartment to those with open bankruptcies, therefore your case will need to be closed or discharged.

To get started with the apartment finding process, complete the apartment search form below and tell us as much as possible about your credit.

One of our Dallas bankruptcy apartments finders will then match you to the best apartment communities who have a history of working with your situation in or near your desired area.  For using our free bankruptcy apartments locator service you promise to place DFW Apartment Nerdz as the referral source on the guest card and rental application.  Then report your lease to us.

In some situations you may need to be flexible in your desired area or amenities.  When that occurs our apartment locator will explain what your options are.

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Please note that Bankruptcies and Foreclosures must be discharged.

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